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As members of the Cooke County community, it is our civic duty to vote. Voting ensures your voice and concerns are heard by those you elect to represent you. By voting, you Live UNITED to improve lives in the Cooke County community. Learn More!

Voting can be a powerful way for Americans to create change and make their voices heard. With elections approaching and the concerns of the pandemic, officials are trying to make voting by mail more accessible. While there is so much information out there about voter registration, we wanted to help make it easier for those looking to mail their ballot or change their voter registration address.

That’s why we created a comprehensive state-by-state guide for communities, so they feel confident to cast their votes on Election Day. You can check it out below:

A State-by-State Guide to Voting

Our guide includes:

  •     3 Ways to Update Voter Registration
  •     Steps for Voting By Mail
  •     Absentee Ballot Deadlines Per State



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