In the mid 1940's United Way was known as the "Community Chest". Joe Leonard, Jr., Judge Carroll Sullivant, Leo Kuehn, Mrs. Rufus C. Whiddon and A. Morton Smith were charter members. ​

On March 24, 1955 the "Community Chest" became Cooke County United Fund. Charter members: Frank Morris, Jr. (First State Bank); Arley Daurity (Tyler & Simpson); J.M. Weinzapfel (Muenster State Bank); Mrs. Peter Hyde (Housewife whose husband taught at the college) and Leroy Robinson (GNB).​

Cooke County United Fund's charter details the reasons the organization was formed:

  • To promote social welfare of the community
  • To promote economy and efficiency in all such agencies (preventing duplication of efforts) and to combine and coordinate into a single organization all fund-raising activities of such agencies
  • To advise in the undertaking of new work by existing agencies and the formation of new agencies
  • To study community conditions
  • To create and continue a fund to be known as Cooke County United Fund ​

In October 1985 it became known as "Cooke County United Way". Cooke County's giving spirit grew with the years.